Simply the purest

Neptūnas is the Lithuanian purest natural mineral water

A unique Varena ecosystem that was formed thousands of years ago made special gifts to its currently extracted water. Neptūnas is a natural mineral water characterized by very low concentrations of dissolved salts, barely 136 mg/l. It is therefore Neptunas today is the purest Lithuanian natural mineral water .

Origin of the purest water

Varena nature is unique of itsforests, but still more unique for what lies beneath it.

Dense mat of moss and continental glacial sand dunes protect the primordial purity of the water.Neptūnas natural mineral water extracted in this unique location is incredibly pure and features extremely low dissolved mineral content.With only 136 mg/l of mineralization, Neptunasis the purest natural mineral water in Lithuania.

Healthy lifestyle

Harmony, beauty and health require not only training yourself in the areas of science and art, but also engaging in physical exercise, gymnastics during your entire life.

Join us! Travel, move, ride, learn  – so many untapped mysteries around. Choose what you like and do not forget to take the purest Lithuanian natural mineral water with you!